Smog Check and Smog Test Inspection Center

Hillsdale Arco Auto Repair is a Smog Check and Star Smog Test Emission Inspection Center. Our highly trained State of California licensed smog check and smog test inspection technicians will smog check and smog test your vehicle quickly and efficiently. We have the latest updates and state of the art smog check and smog test equipment for this purpose, in order to smog check, smog test, and emission test your vehicle for DMV registration.

We Offer Smog Testing For:

  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Suv’s
  • Vans
  • Diesels
  • RV’s & Motor Homes

Foster City residents, our conveniently located smog check and smog test center is dedicated to providing you with efficient and quality services. The results are printed for you by our computer-controlled analyzer. We notify DMV electronically (instantly by computer) that you have passed the smog check and smog test inspection requirement, and we assign a State of California issued smog test certificate number to your vehicle. You are now ready to complete your DMV registration.

We offer testing for regular, or diesel vehicles, as well as test only vehicles. Because of our licensing, we can test both STAR regular and test only vehicles, and all diesels. We are licensed and approved by the State of California as licensed smog check and smog test inspection technicians. Our highly trained staff is ready and willing to assist you in the smog testing process, and in helping you understand your smog check test results.

Call us today to set your appointment at (650) 349-1848

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